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Transmission Fluid News

Amalie recently introduced two new and much improved transmission fluids.  The first one is an upgrade to our Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.  Amalie Universal Synthetic has been upgraded to meet the new and more grueling demands of the new and more sophisticated automatic transmissions from around the world.  This new and improved ATF is now  recommended for use in every planetary-type transmission for every passenger car and pick-up truck manufactured by any of the world’s OEMs.  Also, this new and improved fluid has many heavy-duty and industrial applications, too; for more information, just call your Amalie District Manager or call Amalie Tech Support Amalie at (800) 368-1264 – When it needs to be better than it has to be, call Amalie!
Since 1903, Amalie has answered the call for new products, so it is no surprise that Amalie has introduced the one CVT fluid that meets the demands of every CVT transmission form every automobile manufacturer from across the globe:  Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid.  As CVT transmissions become more popular and are asked to handle even more powerful engine input and torque, there is a need for an better and even stronger CVT fluid to handle the situation.  So Amalie decided, if the world needs a new CVT fluid, why not the best?  Our new CVT fluid didn’t have to use synthetic base oils, but we did.  Coupling the long-life benefits and the low and high temperature advantages of a synthetic base oil with the world’s best and newest additive system, Amalie has built the ultimate CVT fluid that will work in every known CVT transmission in the world.