Better than it has to be...Since 1903
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Richard Barkett

Chief Operating Officer

“Respect everyone you come in contact with, be a good listener and always make sure your team understands the customer is the ultimate score card.”

With over 35 years of experience in the oil industry, today Richard is responsible for the coordination of engineering, construction, acquisition and installation of AMALIE'S facilities. He also spearheads identification and diligence of potential acquisitions.

In 1953, AMALIE was the first oil company to develop and introduce a multi-grade motor oil; AMALIE Imperial 10w30. For the past century, AMALIE has continued to innovate its product lines as the global market demands are always changing. AMALIE'S lubricates are put through the ultimate challenge each week in our race car, a fire breathing 10,000 horsepower AA/Fuel dragster.

When Richard looks back on his history with the company, he reflects on one of AMALIE'S most notable accomplishments—in 2009 when AMALIE received the Certificate of Excellence in Commerce and a Certificate of Appreciation for the company’s Achievement in Trade. These awards were presented to the AMALIE team by Gary Locke the Secretary of Commerce, from the White House.

Integrity. Quality. Innovator. Richard describes AMALIE with these three words. For the future of AMALIE, Richard believes the company will continue to innovate and develop unique products and packages for customers worldwide. “We are building a unique global company with 2 brands that are over 100 years old as well as the leader in private label blending and packaging. With sales in most all 50 states and over 100 countries we are clearly a global world class manufacture,” Richard states.

Manny Bonet

International Sales

“I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned on leadership is to lead by example and treat everyone as you would be treated.”

Manny joined the AMALIE team in 1997 as a sales lead in Florida, Georgia and the Bahamas. Today, he oversees all international business in Latin America. With fledging exclusivity in the region, the AMALIE brand has grown and developed strong relationships throughout the region. To date, Manny credits AMALIE'S business growth to impressive accomplishments on both the technology and production side of the company. “The brothers have invested in technology, making the plant that much more efficient.”

Livelihood. Pride. Challenge. These are the three words Manny uses to describe AMALIE—personally and professionally. Personally, he sees it as his challenge to make sure to increase sales every year. Professionally, it’s the same challenge—increasing sales in Latin America.

Manny believes AMALIE'S role in the energy community is to create awareness around synthetic and semi synthetic products. “We need to make sure everyone is on the same page,” he states. This means, making consumers aware of ecological friendly products and how they relate to energy conservation methods.

AMALIE'S tagline, “Better than it has to be,” rings true to Manny. He states that, “AMALIE'S product is #1 due to the dedication of their employees who always strive to make the product better and more innovative. “

Andrew Bornstein

Vice President Global Sales & Marketing

“AMALIE is a large player in the lubricant industry, but managed with the nimbleness and personal touch of a family owned business.”

Andrew’s role with AMALIE began in 1999, when he was the District Manager for the Western Region. Since then, he has worn many hats and roles within the company: Business Development Manager, Vice President North American Sales & Marketing, and now Vice President Global Sales & Marketing.

With a varied and strong skill set, Andrew has been able to manage business relations and sell to a not only single, small-volume installers, but also to some of the largest retailers in the world. It is his knowledge of all classes of trade in which lubricants can be used/sold and AMALIE'S action as the perfect supply partner that has allowed him to make tremendous sales impact.

Strive to Succeed. It is these three words that Andrew uses to describe the company, which encompass not only his passion about AMALIE, but also his role within the company. “AMALIE is exciting and growing in what is a mature industry,” Andrew states.

As far as the future of AMALIE is concerned, Andrew knows nothing is impossible. He has watched AMALIE grow from a small manufacturing company producing a strict commodity, to becoming a leading manufacturing and marketing company. Today, AMALIE blends products for the major oil companies, numerous private label customers, and growing the volume and brand recognition of our own branded products. Immense growth and an extended global footprint are the vision Andrew has for AMALIE.

Ken Holder

National Sales Manager

“One of our greatest accomplishments is the respect and reputation as a company that produces highest quality product in the industry.”

Ken began his career in the automotive aftermarket in 1986. Then, he was a distributor working with retail stores and wholesale distribution. With over 25 years of experience, Ken has been fortunate to be part of all aspects of the automotive aftermarket. Today, Ken leads the team responsible for sales and marketing.

“Some customers have been with us for 50 plus years. Since AMALIE has been around since 1903, we still interact with many of these original customers and companies,” Ken states. He notes the ongoing support AMALIE provides as a way they maintain these customers, and continue to evolve the relationships.

As AMALIE'S tagline states, “Better than it has to be®,” Ken concurs with this statement and notes AMALIE'S ongoing commitment to new technology and equipment as a requisite to maintain quality advantage in the market.

People. Integrity. Quality. This is how Ken describes AMALIE OIL COMPANY. He notes that AMALIE'S commitment to quality and family promote the belief that with hard work and dedication, you will be rewarded. “It’s the next big opportunity, the great people, great mentors and great relationships with people I respect and admire that keeps me coming back to AMALIE every morning.”

Terry Lac

Sales Manager, Asia

"Not only is it important to work hard, it is just as important to work smart."

As AMALIE'S sales manager for the Asian market, Terry has been with the company for the past 15 years. When asked what keeps him coming back every morning, Terry states, “Everybody is extremely helpful and works as a team. Doing so requires a deep sense of trust and commitment to the goals of the company.”

AMALIE is known for its customer service and long-term relationships. One of the things Terry enjoys most about the company is the relationship with the customers. “Some of the customers treat me like a family member. When these customers take a vacation in Los Angeles, they will call me up and bring their entire family to visit me and the Los Angeles branch of AMALIE.”

AMALIE’S innovation is one thing that has helped maintained that company’s stance as an industry leader. Terry adds, “AMALIE’S role or special niche in energy is that they have the best quality control and therefore produces the best lubricant oil. Furthermore, AMALIE has developed the newest formulation of fuel additives with a highly successful response so far the market. It has been adopted and endorsed by a number of major auto dealerships.”

Challenging, Opportunities, Trustworthy. These are the three words Terry uses to describe AMALIE OIL COMPANY. It is the challenges and people Terry works with that truly make his job special.


Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

“AMALIE'S greatest accomplishes is that we’ve taken a small, regional company and built it into a large, dynamic company operating worldwide. Everyday we do something that is an aspect of growing.”

Having worked for the Barkett family for over 40 years and having been involved with a great number of the company’s acquisitions, Denny Madden has seen the company grow from a small, unknown company to an immense and expanding corporation.

Today, Denny manages all sales domestically and internationally. “I’ve helped build a company. Personally and professionally, it’s been very satisfying,” Denny states. Not only is Denny active in the sales effort, but he is also active in the technology side of the oil business. He is able to bridge the gap between selling and technical aspects—putting on technical presentations and even leading a technical survey in the Panama Canal.

Exciting. Professional. Growing. With these three words, Denny describes AMALIE OIL COMPANY with pride. As a family business, owned by four brothers, Denny respects the family culture AMALIE has developed, and feels apart of the family.

Denny believes one of AMALIE'S greatest competitive advantages is how it maintains growth in a stagnant market. “Worldwide, because of people changing oil less frequently, the oil market is stagnant, and due to our sales activity and greater product and technical knowledge—we’ve been able to grow market share.” Denny also credits AMALIE'S green initiatives to the company’s success. AMALIE builds high-quality oils that need to be changed less frequently, that ultimately saves oil and saves wear and tear on the engine. “We don’t generate power, but we make engines, transmissions and equipment work better,” he states.

Larry Mitchell

Vice President National Accounts

“Over the years, I have learned if you want to build a great team, you need to lead with integrity, professionalism, passion, honesty, fairness and share those values along with your expectations with everyone on the team.”

Larry Mitchell is Vice President National Accounts, and leads AMALIE'S expansion efforts with private label and branded products sold through large retailers and national chains. His experience prior to joining AMALIE included holding the role of president of Greased Lightning, an automotive additive and chemical company. Under Larry’s leadership, Greased Lightning became a nationally recognized consumer brand with products carried in over 10,000 locations. Greased Lightning was acquired by AMALIE in February of 2012.

Continuous Commitment to Improve. This is how Larry describes the AMALIE OIL COMPANY. “AMALIE has grown from being a local oil blender in Florida to being the largest Independent Motor Oil manufacturer in the world with manufacturing plants strategically located on the east and west coast, shipping products to all 50 states and over 100 foreign countries,” Larry states. With that unique capability, we can deliver incredible value to our partners, and help them overcome long-term challenges.

Larry credits AMALIE'S ongoing success and continual improvement to the company culture. “AMALIE is a very successful company and has been for years, but rather than just sitting on their position in the marketplace, AMALIE continues to invest in equipment, technology, and people, and is committed to providing the best pricing and service in the industry,” Larry says.

Larry sees AMALIE'S future to be extremely bright and full of potential due to the large investments made in improving the technology, equipment and systems of the AMALIE facility. “AMALIE'S commitment to constantly improve their entire operation, invest in the future and be the best in the industry, is what sets AMALIE apart from the competition,” Larry concludes.